KDC Solar Corporate Headquarters

Bedminster, New Jersey

At KDC Solar corporate headquarters, parking lot and ground mounted solar panel’s were constructed as part of a “show room” for clients to exhibit both the ground-mounted and carport solar  facilities they design and install. This solar array also provides power to their corporate headquarters office building.

EffiSolar Solar Raritan

Raritan Township, New Jersey

EffiSolar – Raritan is a 18 Mw, 150 acre solar facility located between New Jersey State Highway 31 / 202 and the Third Neshanic River in the Township of Raritan. When completed, energy generated by the facility will be supplied to the “grid”.

Far Hills Country Day School

Far Hills, New Jersey

Green technologies such as solar and wind power have been initiated by Far Hills Country Day School. The school installed four Windspire turbines each rated at 12 Kw to supplement its electrical needs as part of a co-operative educational project with the schools students.

Hawk Pointe Solar Park

Washington, New Jersey

As part of  Hawk Pointe Golf Club’s green initiatives, nearly 2.7 Mw of solar panels have been approved for the property and are under construction. The initial phase of installation provides the golf club with its yearly power requirements of approximately 0.6 Mw. The remaining power generated by the solar array will be distributed via virtual metering to the adjacent residential and commercial sections of the Hawk Pointe Planned Village Community.

Private Residence

Somerset County, New Jersey

This 16’ x 66’ solar panel array is utilized for a single-family estate residence in Somerset County. Gladstone Design, Inc. assisted in the site placement and local permitting of the array.